This website shows a sample of the most recent work of myself, Richard Brown. I often hold exhibitions in and around Harlow : the next is at the St Johnís ARC centre in Old Harlow in December.

Going to art school at the age of 27 as a mature student didn't make me an artist for I have been an artist from a little boy when I would come home from fishing or bird watching and paint small remembered pictures.  All my inspiration comes from the created world, and I believe implicitly in the first page of Genesis.Blossom Time (excerpt)

Art school did enable me to teach, and I spent over 26 years teaching art in a comprehensive school.  In my last ten years of teaching art I came to know the human face very well.  Instead of going to the staff room at lunchtime to socialise I started an art club in my classroom, Studio 3.  This I did five days a week for the whole of the lunch hour.  The kids would come in for all sorts of reasons, some to do their art, some to socialise and have their sandwiches, and a few would come in to escape the bullying, my room was a safe haven.  I began to draw the kids and I did so most lunchtimes for ten years.  My preferred medium was indian ink and pen or goose quill.  I kept most of the drawings but gave photocopies to the kids, one for Nan and Granddad.  You can see two of these drawings on this website.

I love colour and painting flowers is a way of using the most vibrant paints to achieve what I desire.  I will sell individual paintings, but I would like a gallery to sell my work.

If you would like to buy one of these pictures, please get in touch.  The contact details are here.